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Small September TBR

Since having a very small TBR back in August worked – of the six books, I only didn’t get to the novella, and that wasn’t all I read during the month – I’m going to try again.


The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart – I’m intimidated by this one because it’s multi-PoV fantasy that reaches 450 pages from Orbit, and I have a mostly negative track record with long fantasy books from that imprint, but I’ve heard great things. I’m not even sure what it is exactly – I heard “gay” and “bone shard magic” and requested an ARC (I know. Went on a netgalley request spree back in July.)

Master of Poisons by Andrea Hairston – this is Even Longer but it’s one of my five star predictions and one I’ve heard amazing things about from people I trust on twitter. As with the one before, I’m not completely sure what it is about (I don’t like knowing too much about the premises of adult fantasy given how slowly they tend to develop…), but apparently it’s African fantasy involving a poison desert and I’m so here for it.

The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke – some variety in genres is a good thing, and so I’m choosing this queer witchy YA contemporary with a gorgeous cover. I’ve heard very mixed things about it, but I’m hesitantly hopeful.


Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling – another five star prediction! Also, reading some creepy stuff in September would mean I have new recommendations for that in October, if I want to write that kind of post, so now it’s the perfect time. Anyway, this is queer gothic feat. poisonous plants, and that’s perfect.

The Four Profound Weaves by R.B. Lemberg – the only book I still haven’t even tried from my TBR back in July, and it’s another I’ve heard mixed things about. I’m not sure what to expect – I don’t think I’ve ever read about elderly trans characters before, so it should be interesting.

Over the Woodward Wall by A. Deborah Baker (aka Seanan McGuire) – the novella I didn’t get to from the August TBR. This is the book-inside-the-book featured in Middlegame, which is just… so meta that I don’t know how to feel. I’m not sure it will be my thing, because the excerpts from this book were the least interesting part from Middlegame, but I’m intrigued.

I don’t think this is all I’ll read, but I like to give myself space to choose unexpected books through the month. Have you read or want to read any of these?

10 thoughts on “Small September TBR

  1. I keep hearing such good things about Master of Poisons! I look forward to your thoughts on The Scapegracers. 🙂 I really enjoyed it–admittedly, now that I’ve had some distance from it I don’t know for certain that I will pick up the sequel when it comes out, but I still had a lot of fun with it. Happy reading!

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    1. That’s good to know about The Scapegracers! I’m trying to go into it with expectations that aren’t too high, I mostly hope for a witchy fun time – I haven’t seen someone say they absolutely loved the book yet.
      And happy reading to you too!


  2. Bone Shard Daughter, Master of Poisons, Scapegracers, and Yellow Jessamine are all on my TBR for the rest of the year as well, though only Yellow Jessamine is on High Priority at the moment…hopefully I’ll at least get to Master of Poisons, as it’s a standalone fantasy afaik!

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  3. I feel the same way about hefty fantasies but I’m also interested in The Bone Shard Daughter and Master of Poisons. I read Over the Woodward Wall last month and loved it (probably cos I love Middlegame more than anything) but if you weren’t keen on the bits that were included in Middlegame, you probably won’t enjoy it as much as I did.

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    1. I struggle with stories-within-stories and specifically with pieces of stories that are kind of out of context, so I’m hoping that reading Over the Woodward Wall as an actual book will change that! We’ll see. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you loved it.

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