Would You Rather [Evil] Book Tag

I was tagged by Silvia @silviareadsbooks (thank you!)

Would you rather spend one day in your favorite fantasy world but never meet the main characters of the story OR meet the characters from your favorite fantasy book but in our world?
I don’t really have a favorite fantasy world, so I don’t have the answer for this! Also, most of the worlds I like are horrible, but so are the characters… no I really don’t know how to answer this.

Would you rather have a (friend) date with a villain you love or a protagonist you dislike?

Listen, the idea of a (friend) date with Nirai Kujen is nightmare fuel but it’s funny nightmare fuel, while a (friend) date with the only protagonists I remember hating in the past year, the whole cast from If We Were Villains, is boring nightmare fuel. And, you see, I stand an equal chance of getting murdered (in scenario #1, because Kujen is bored; in scenario #2, because I was bored and couldn’t stop myself from saying that the only reason Shakespeare is still considered relevant today is that he wrote in English), so I might as well have fun! I choose #1 just because I can’t stop laughing at the idea of Nirai Kujen going on friend dates.

[He’s from Ninefox Gambit but you don’t really get to know him until Revenant Gun. I’m sad most of you haven’t met him just because I don’t get to share how funny this idea is]

Would you rather have a massive book collection but they’re all paperbacks OR only have one small sized bookcase with only special editions of your favorite books?
My favorite books don’t have special editions, so… the first one? But the sad part is that many of my favorite books don’t exist in paperback either because they were too obscure to make it to that point! But I guess that for once it’s good that my favorite series only exists in paperback?

Would you rather have a mediocre TV adaptation of your favorite book or no adaptation at all?
None! I’m not sure I’d want a good one either, to be honest (probably wouldn’t be able to watch it.)

Would you rather never find another favorite book but read all four stars books OR find new favorites but all the rest are three stars and lower?
What’s the point of reading if you never find favorites?

Would you rather try out one fictional dish or listen to one fictional musical composition?
*me, a person who clearly has a very good memory, trying to remember even one fictional dish or musical composition:* …
I mean, I will forever be curious about Vassa in the Night‘s lagoon-flavored pop tarts, but that wouldn’t mean I’d actually try them. I think.

Would you rather be cast as the protagonist of an hypothetical adaptation of your favorite book OR be the one to adapt it for TV?
Can I have no adaptation? …option #1 should definitely not happen (would be racist casting), but I’m not a fan of #2 either.

Would you rather make friends with a fictional pet or a fictional AI?

Depends on the individual, I guess? I’d love to befriend Arazi from Phoneix Extravagant, and one could of argue Arazi is both an AI and an animal companion, being a steampunk mecha dragon. And maybe I’d also like to talk with Singer from Ancestral Night, one of the few snarky AIs who isn’t downright scary. (ART, I love you, but.)

Would you rather read a “good” but poorly written ending or a “bad” but well written ending?

I don’t think an ending can be bad if it’s well-written – if something is well-written the book should at least make me understand why the author made that choice even if I had wished for something different? One of my favorite books of this year, The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders, did exactly that, so I think that’s what I’ll choose. Same thing with one of my favorites of last year, The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum – the ending was… not what I was rooting for while I read it, but now that it’s been months I can’t imagine the book ending in any other way? It was amazing. I guess I just need the author to make me believe in what they’re doing. Or, maybe I just can’t think of examples of this not working right now.

I know I’m supposed to write my own questions, but I realized that I just don’t have the Talent for Evil™ this tag needs. Anyway: do you think a well-written ending can be bad, or are you also easily convinced?

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather [Evil] Book Tag

  1. MWAHAHAHAHAHA my questions really were not easy, i’m so sorry!!!!!!!! (but also not) ghdskghlhgsldhgs
    I totally agree about sh*kespeare and i don’t know the other character but it sounds like you’d at least have fun before your murder ghdskgls

    I don’t think i can give you examples but i believe in infinite possibilities so yes, I think a well-written bad ending can exist, it just might not be what you wanted for the characters or it can take the tone of the book in a different directions than the first part led you to believe, and it might be well written in the sense that it makes sense from the author’s point of view and you even understand their reasons in your mind but it clashes with what you personally would have done, so that makes it subjectively bad for you. I think? hsdklhgs

    anyway despite me being evil i loved your answers, thank you for doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maybe not fun but it’s definitely funny to think about kdjk
      if I want to explain Kujen with no context, I’d say he’s basically what you get if you cross the two villain archetypes of “evil fae prince” and “mad scientist”. He Does Not have friends

      It does make sense! But I don’t think I’ve ever found one either, especially one of which my opinion remained the same over time? When I first finished The City in the Middle of the Night, I thought “well, this is disappointing” (it’s… one of the most anticlimating things I’ve ever read) but as time passed it made more and more sense so I changed my mind.
      [The only thing I can think of is actually the ending of a book I’ve never read but that I know has a violent bury your gays at the end. That might qualify – it could make sense for the story but I don’t see myself not hating it – but I don’t know if I’ll ever actually read it.]

      Also thank you for the questions! They were evil™ but this is one of the posts I’ve had the most fun writing in a while.


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