T10T: The Ten Most Recent Additions to My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf.

I’m pretty sure this meant to be things I added to my physical bookshelf, but as I buy very few physical books and have already posted a book haul in December, this would be repetitive, so I’m going to talk about recent additions to my TBR (or the “maybe” shelf of my TBR, as I’m on the fence about many of these).

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power


I didn’t love Wilder Girls, but I might like this more? Maybe? I had two main problems with that book, one being the disconnection for various factors (which could still be an issue) and its failed attempt at being ecological-based horror (which shouldn’t be a problem here). Horror is hit-or-miss in any circumstance anyway, but Rory Power does write really well, so… I’m intrigued. Also, I’ve never understood American’s relationship with corn fields, and I hope this books will make me see it in the most upsetting way possible.

Untamed Shore by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


So far, I’ve disliked all the adult thrillers I’ve read and liked all the Silvia Moreno-Garcia books I’ve tried. Let’s see what wins!
Jokes aside, I’ve seen a few reviews lately that made me really think I’m going to enjoy this and I do trust this author.

How Long ’til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin


I loved The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and didn’t care for The Fifth Season, which according to many probably makes me someone with terrible taste in fantasy, but what’s undeniable regardless of my preferences is Jemisin’s skill. I really want to know how her short fiction is like, as I’ve also heard there are stories involving cooking in here.

The Devourers by Indra Das


I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing things about this novel, and as I haven’t read anything involving werewolf folklore in… years, I think, I’m really curious. I’ve also heard it goes into really dark territory, so there’s that. (A recurrent theme in this list: books dealing with dark themes and me not knowing whether that’s something I can read at all.)

Over the Woodward Wall by A. Deborah Baker


This is Seanan McGuire writing the book that was at the center of the magic system in her own novel Middlegame, using as a pseudonym the name of the fictional author who wrote that book inside of Middlegame. Between this and Or What You Will by Jo Walton, it’s going to be such a year for extremely meta content in SFF. I can’t wait.

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna


This is 100% a cover add and I’m never going to pretend otherwise. Just… look at it?
Apart from that, this is an West African-Inspired YA fantasy story, and all I know is that there’s a girl who bleeds gold, and that’s a sign of something that might be powerful and might be horrible, and possibly intrigue. I’m not sure and it’s too early for reviews, but we’ll see – you know how picky I can get with fantasy these times.

Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender


I wasn’t interested in this one until I heard of the levels of horrible the main character gets. Now I’m tentatively interested, because this might be too brutal/depressing for me (I’ve discovered I should do my best to avoid fantasy novels closely inspired by real tragedies) but reading about truly morally gray people is something I love, so. I’m not sure I’ll read it but I might include it in a try a chapter post and see how I feel.

Patsy by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn


A story about a queer Jamaican woman who was forced to have a child and then chooses to emigrate to the US leaving her child behind. It’s told in both Patsy’s PoV and the PoV of the child, and yes this is completely outside the genres I usually reach for, but that’s exactly why I’m interested. I want to read more queer literature across genres and this could be a place to start from. Or maybe not, because I never know when heavy topics get unreadable for me. I don’t know my limits for sure but I’m here to try new things.

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow


I… just really love this cover and want to know more. It’s on my “keep an eye on it/maybe” shelf so far, then we’ll see. I’m not sure what this is about exactly but I know it’s a paranormal/urban fantasy novel that follows a friendships and deals with misogynoir.

The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley


Despite loving pretty much everything I’ve read by Kameron Hurley, many short stories included, I’ve always stayed away from the Worldbreaker Saga, the main reason for that being length and bad reviews. Then I remembered that pretty much everything negative I had heard about this series came down to it being “confusing”, and at this point I should pretty much see that as a buzzword when it comes to adult SFF.

Have you read or are you anticipating any of these?

28 thoughts on “T10T: The Ten Most Recent Additions to My TBR

  1. Great list! Queen of the Conquered is one I really want to check out, and I need to get to How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? too. Haha I’m totally with you on the corn fields thing! And oh no, another Seanan McGuire pseudonym? I’ll never keep up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t get why people seem to think they’re creepy, but I’m sure Burn Our Bodies Down will change my mind. Rory Power is so good at writing an unsettling atmosphere!


  2. LOL I’m kind of with you on cornfields! They’re so ubiquitous in American horror stories (and alien ones). I guess it’s their sheer height and compactness(?) that makes them unsettling for people? But yeah, I’m hoping Burn Our Bodies Down is a better fit than Wilder Girls. Because I do really like Rory Powers’ writing.

    Untamed Shore is a curious one. I’m not super enthused about the cover (and I didn’t even realize it was a Moreno-Garcia book when I first saw it lol) but the reviews have been good, so I’m gonna keep an eye on it. Plus, shark stories are cool! 😀

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    1. Rory Power’s writing was so great and I’m sure I’ll see the cornfields in a new (creepy) light soon 😀 but yes that’s probably why they’re so common in horror, something tall and homogeneous that never ends.

      I think the cover of Untamed Shore is really bland as well – if it hadn’t been for the author, I doubt I would have noticed this book at all.

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  3. Hey I read Mirror Empire not too long ago! I enjoyed it more than not. I didn’t think it was too confusing, I just think Hurley was still figuring out her writing style or structure or whatever and it shows. If she were to rewrite at her skill level now I’m reasonably confident it would have been a much stronger book. I’d definitely love to know your thoughts! When I posted my review people mostly agreed they didn’t like it lol.

    Also- The Gilded Ones And Shark Texts look awesome!

    And I agree about The Fifth Season. I didn’t like it although I respect her skill. I loved HLTBFM? So I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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  4. Oh my god I didn’t see The Gilded Ones cover until just now, it looks BREATH TAKING wow,I love it so much. I am so, so excited to read Song Below Water as well, another beautiful cover and a story that sounds so good!! 🙂

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