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Review: Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

35519101Rogue Protocol is the third book in The Murderbot Diaries series, which is made up of four novellas and a recently announced novel.

Murderbot may have decided to leave Dr Mensah after the end of All Systems Red, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to help her uncover GrayCrisis corporation’s illicit activities. Because of this, Murderbot finds itself with another human crew to protect, while trying to hide its identity of rogue SecUnit.
As usual for this series, all the human characters are intentionally underdeveloped – Murderbot tries not to get attached to them and everything we see is in its perspective – but just like in Artificial Condition, in this novella Murderbot meets another AI, the pet bot Miki, who is also the secondary character that gets most development.

I love this series because of what it says about AIs and humanity, and because of Murderbot’s narration – it is an anxious, sarcastic AI who just wants to be left alone, and it’s the only AI in fiction I know that has been described multiple times as “relatable”. It’s a really interesting combination and also the main reason I read this series.

I have to say that after three novellas, the worldbuilding of this series is still lackluster – not only I don’t know how anything looks like, I couldn’t always remember what the many names thrown around meant, because it’s been months since I’ve read the first two books. Also, I missed ART in this one, and these are the main reasons I didn’t love Rogue Protocol as much as the previous book.

My rating: ★★★¾

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