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DNF Review: Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

34726469I was expecting to love Sky in the Deep, but lately YA fantasy always disappoints me; after 100 pages I couldn’t do this anymore, and there wasn’t even anything terribly wrong with this – it was just mind-numbingly boring.

This novel starts with five chapters of almost non-stop, very dull action. Now, this can be done well, but it’s usually a bad idea to throw the reader into a fight scene when they don’t know the characters or care about them yet, and Sky in the Deep does it wrong. It’s just not that interesting to read about a heroine waving around a sword and getting injured when I don’t even know her.

And then it gets worse.
Eelyn is captured by what I guess is another clan or something – I know nothing about this world, its history or why people are fighting – and the action stops. Completely.
In the following 50+ pages Eelyn does nothing but glower at her captors, do chores, get injured again and hate her brother, who is a traitor (but of course we can’t know why). I still knew nothing about the world or the characters, as the only thing Eelyin thinks about is fighting. (And honor. Her very dull internal monologue never shuts up about honor.)

This was one of my most anticipated books of this year, but I couldn’t bring myself to care about anything in it, and this book seemed to do its best to keep me detached. Everything was awfully vague and generic: the writing was average, there was no atmosphere – all I know is that there’s yarrow and pine trees – and throwing around Viking-sounding names and mentions of fjords is not worldbuilding.

Maybe the following 250 pages are wonderful, but this beginning holds nothing but a promise of mediocrity, and I’ve lost all my interest in this.

My rating: ★¾

8 thoughts on “DNF Review: Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

  1. Oh wow, this sounds…terrible. It’s so annoying when there’s a Big Secret the reader doesn’t get to know for no good reason, it feels like such a cheap trick to keep me turning pages and it usually has the opposite effect on me. Not going to lie though, I’m still probably going to pick this one up, just cause vikings in YA. You can say told you so when it bores me to tears.

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    1. The Big Secret is one of my least favorite tropes too. The reveal is usually underwhelming, and it does feel like a lazy way to create tension. And I hope you like this more than I did! I really didn’t get the appeal with this one, but I’ve read many good reviews.

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  2. Oh no that sucks! I hate when you’re reading a book, and it feels like you have no sense of whats going on or where the story is going. I’ll definitely keep all this in mind if I end up reading this! Glad to hear your thoughts on it though!

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