T5W: Favorite Teachers/Mentors

Top 5 Wednesday is a goodreads group created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and now hosted by Sam (thoughtsontomes). This week’s topic is Favorite Teachers/Mentors.

Typically, we read about our protagonist being taught by someone wiser than they, whether is it is a teacher as we know them or more of a supernatural/magical mentor. Talk about some of your favorites! 

Baghra from Shadow and Bone


Baghra is one of the Little Palace’s teachers, and she teaches magic to young Grishas. She’s very old, bitter and loves to scare the children, but she is also a very unique character and has some of the best lines in the whole trilogy. I can’t explain a lot without spoilers, but she’s one of my favorite characters in the series.

Shuos Zehun from Raven Stratagem


Shuos Zehun is currently Hexarch Mikodez’ assistant, but they met when Mikodez was a cadet at Shuos Academy and Zehun was the senior instructor who had to decide whether or not Mikodez was going to become a threat to the faction.
They are an old alt (non-binary person in the Hexarchate) who has too many cats, all of them named after Shuos assassins, and also many great-grandchildren they visit from time to time. They helped Mikodez become Hexarch and they are trying to make him follow a healthier diet and sleep cycle, which is very difficult when the Hexarch is too paranoid to sleep properly (assassinating your own Hexarch is a Shuos hobby) and refuses to eat anything but sweets.

Erg from Vassa in the Night


Erg is a very atypical mentor. She’s a talking wooden doll, but that’s everyday life in Vassa Lisa Lowenstein’s world, in which witches steal the night and there are walking supermarkets. In Vassa in the Night, Erg tries to keep Vassa safe and to help with her magical tasks, but she also has some secrets of her own and many creepy habits.

Lady Mykaela from The Bone Witch


The Bone Witch is a series that follows Tea, a Dark Asha who can raise the dead and may be villainous, but book one is mostly about Tea’s training. Lady Mykaela is the only other Dark Asha, and Tea’s teacher. I remember liking her scenes, and I really need to reread this book to continue with The Heart Forger.

Sister Apple from Red Sister


Book of the Ancestor is an adult fantasy series about a young bisexual girl who is joining a convent of assassin nuns. This first book is mostly a training montage, but this didn’t make it any less interesting, and I loved many of the teachers. Sister Apple, “The Poisoner”, teaches her students about poisons and sometimes also poisons them, because what’s a lesson without practice. She’s gay and I love her.

Who are your favorite book teachers/mentors?

8 thoughts on “T5W: Favorite Teachers/Mentors

  1. I skipped this T5W, cause I couldn’t think of five teachers/mentors (and no one wants a whole post of reasons I love Remus Lupin), but I should’ve thought of Baghra! She’s a fantastic character! And Erg’s definitley an unusual, but useful mentor 🙂

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    1. I mean… I would read that post. There’s no reason not to scream about favorite characters! (Did I write this post just because I had a lot of feelings about Baghra and Zehun? Yes, because they deserve more love and Baghra is very underrated.)


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