Sunshine Blogger Award + Liebster Award

I was tagged by Silvia @silviareadsbooks and Ashley @bookishtales. Thank you!

Sunshine Blogger Award

What was your favorite book as a child?

The Scions of Shannara quartet. Better than the original trilogy, and gave me “Walker Boh”, also called “the Dark Uncle”. (According to en.wikitionary, “dunno” is the closest translation of the Italian word boh. 10-year-old me found it really funny.)

Do you get reading slumps? How do you get out of them?

I get one every summer, and I don’t get out of it until the heat goes away. One thing that helps me is to never read too many books of the same genre back to back.

What’s the one book or series that made you fall in love with reading?

I don’t have one; most of my reading until middle school was nonfiction about animals. I still have far too many books about dinosaurs.

What are your thoughts on ebooks?

Without them, I wouldn’t have a blog.

Are you more of a fantasy or a contemporary person?

Fantasy, but lately I’m not liking YA fantasy that much anymore (have I read too much of it or am I just unlucky?). My feelings on contemporary haven’t changed, but I didn’t love the genre to begin with.

Who’s your all time favorite author?

Yoon Ha Lee. Mass murder magic math in space is what I didn’t know I always wanted. I own a copy of Conservation of Shadows, and I haven’t read it yet because I’m the worst.

Do you read audiobooks? Why or why not?

No. Because:

  • my attention span for listening is terrible. (“Listening” includes both audiobooks and whatever the teacher is saying when I’m in class. It’s bad.)
  • my English just isn’t that good.
  • I have grapheme-color synesthesia. I don’t have sound-color synesthesia. I remember character names by their colors.

First person or third person?

I like both – it depends on the book, but if you want to use something the main character already knows as a plot twist [e.g: MC was the killer all along], use third person. Hiding this kind of things when you’re in first person (= in the character head) is cheating your reader.

Plot or characters?

Characters, but if you’re not writing magical realism, slice-of-life contemporary (*) or something that is intentionally weird, you should also have a solid plot.

(*) All the slice-of-life SFF stories I found were very, very boring.

Heroes or antiheroes?

Antiheroes – all my faves are murderers.

Single point of view or double/multiple POV?

Depends on the story! But while I almost never think “this story needed more points of view” (Want by Cindy Pon did, though), I think that nearly every Victoria Schwab book needed less PoVs. I really didn’t need to spend so much time in Osaron’s head.

Liebster Award

Has there ever been a book that you DNF’d right away? And which one?

Many of them. I usually read the first chapter/the ebook preview before buying a book. If I don’t like the preview, I stop reading and remove the book from my TBR. I did this recently with Everless by Sarah Holland (felt really generic) and The Beast is an Animal by Peternelle van Arsdale (just wasn’t into it).

Does the cover of a book strongly influence whether or not you will buy the book?

Buy? No, I have very few physical books and the cover doesn’t matter that much, but it does influence whether or not I will even give a chance to the preview (if a book has a generic cover, I’m less likely to check out the synopsis and add it to my TBR…).

What is one book that you wish you could reread for the first time?

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I don’t know what I would think of it if I read it today without the influence of nostalgia (it’s one of my favorites since 2015) and knowing what will happen next (I want to reread it, but I remember too much of it, so I probably won’t).

What book do you wish to be turned into a movie?

None, but I want to know how a well-done adaptation of Catherynne M. Valente’s Radiance would look like (answer: really meta. It would be a film adaptation of a book about filmmaking?).

What is your current favorite TV show? And why?

I don’t have one (I don’t watch them).

How many books have you read so far this year

Around 20.

Has there ever been a book in which you immediately knew was going to be a favorite?

I knew my favorite book was going to be a favorite before I read it.
I read two short stories set in the Ninefox Gambit universe and I couldn’t stop thinking about them for two weeks. Then I read the book despite all the reviews that told me it was too complicated, and to this day I still don’t get why people think this is complicated (also: it’s basically fantasy in space and it does not become hard sci-fi just because you found it hard to read!).
If you want some far more unreadable sci-fi, I recommend Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer (90% worldbuilding and infodumps) and Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente (what happened? Don’t ask me), for different reasons.

What has been your favorite read of 2018 so far?

If I don’t count rereads, I don’t have one. It’s a tie between Darkling by Brooklyn Ray and American Panda by Gloria Chao, but neither of them was a full five star, so I can’t really call them “favorites”. If I count rereads, The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden.

What book trope do you love? And why?

Any kind of trope or situation which forces the book and its main character to walk on really morally questionable ground. Well-intentioned extremists (Warcross), when the villain is kind of right but also not (Shadow and Bone), when both sides are wrong in different ways (Strange the Dreamer). Because “the heroes are good but use questionable means and the villain is certainly wrong” (Six of Crows) gets boring sometimes.

What book would you recommend everyone to read?

I don’t have one. Everyone looks for different things. Also, the “important” issue books are all US-centric and while I think they can be interesting to read anyway, they’re not actually that important when your country deals with said issues in a different, still not good way.

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