T5W: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

Top 5 Wednesday is a goodreads group created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and now hosted by Sam (thoughtsontomes). This week’s topic is  Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About.

Since being a grinch is a funny thing, try not to make this serious topics that make you angry (like lack of diversity or abusive relationships in fiction, etc) as this is supposed to be more of a petty bookish things you hate. This can be stuff about covers, dumb tropes, etc. Have fun with it.

The Love Interest is The Most Beautiful


The love interest has to be the most perfect, most beautiful being in the whole series, and everyone finds him beautiful. There are usually many gratuitous shirtless scenes. When he meets a group of women, they all giggle and turn to look at him. If there’s a lesbian, she’ll say that “he’s beautiful, but he’s not my type” because everyone has to like that love interests.

Universal beauty doesn’t exist. Just stop.

Soulmates or Fated Lovers


I don’t like this trope. I think it cheapens the story, especially if the characters didn’t know each other for a long time. I just really don’t like when authors try to sell me something, including love stories, as perfect.

“Relatable” books


With this I mean books that are praised for being “relatable”. I’m wary of them now, and I probably won’t read them, because in my experience “relatable” actually means “really US-centric” and “obsessed with crushes”. Not something I’m interested in reading.

Science Fails


I don’t think the science in sci-fi books should be realistic, but your average high schooler shouldn’t notice that the word you’re using doesn’t mean what you think it means. I especially don’t like when authors get taxonomy/binomial nomenclature wrong. It takes just a minute on Wikipedia to fix it, and it reminds me of the time I got into a fight with a teacher because they were convinced pigs were canids. It was not a fun time.



Venice is an overrated tourist trap is, apparently, the only place in Italy that exist. Every Italian-inspired fantasy is set in a magical version of Venice, and there’s usually some kind of criminal organization, because stereotypes.

There’s more to Italy than Venice, and it would be nice to see that in YA books too.

What are some book tropes you find annoying?

15 thoughts on “T5W: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

  1. Love this list! I hate too that the “relatable books” mainly are romance heavy and don’t deal with other stuff either, or if they do, it’s not important enough to be a main plot line. I do also want to see other locations of Italy in books too 🙂 I have never been there, but I want to know more. Great list!

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    1. Thanks! “Relatable” seems to be a synonym of “romance written in the PoV of a typical shy, usually bookish American teenage girl”. I get why, but that’s… actually not that relatable for me, and after I’ve read one that kind of story gets boring.

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  2. Oh my god yes the “Love Interest is the most beautiful human alive” is so annoying and I totally forgot about how much I hate the trope, until you brought it up 😄 But soulmates are pretty annoying as well … I just really don’t like the concept.

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    1. No book will ever be “relatable” for everyone. And “relatable” American contemporary books are written primarily for the American audience, not for me. I mean, I could relate to the main character anyway, but never as much.

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    1. It’s so odd. I know only four fantasy books/series set in Italy/in a place inspired by Italy and all of them are set in a city just like Venice (or directly in Venice). I can understand why – canals! – but there are so many other cool places here.

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