Halloween Creatures Book Tag

I was tagged by Amanda @metalphantasmreads to do this Tag (thank you!). I couldn’t find who created it, but here are the rules:

You must be honest
You must answer the questions as best you can
Tag at least 3 people
Follow the categories
Have fun!

Witches: A Character or Book That’s Magical

While there are many characters who are magical, it’s not as easy to find a whole book that feels magical. The first that comes to mind is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, but it’s not the only one – any book by Anna-Marie McLemore would be perfect for this question.

Mummies: A Book You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around


(I totally didn’t have to use a translator to understand this question. Bilingual problems.)
So. I think this is “a book that was in some way difficult to understand”? If that’s what this means, definitely Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente. It’s a book that is as difficult to summarize as to explain. It’s told trough mixed media, it’s a non-linear story and you can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. Just the genre that this book claims to be explains how complicated this is – decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery.

Vampires: A Book, Series or Author You Can’t Live Without

So… my favorites? I’m not sure there could be a different answer. My favorite books are the Machineries of Empire series by Yoon Ha Lee (Ninefox Gambit and Raven Stratagem, which I will review soon) and any book set in the Grishaverse (Leigh Bardugo is the best YA writer).

Werewolf: Best Book To Read In The Middle of the Night


I can’t say I tried, but I think it would be interesting to read something by Cassandra Khaw (be it the Persons Non Grata novellas or short fiction like These Deathless Bones) in the dark. She’s my favorite horror writer, so…

Zombie: A Book You Picked Up a Second Time/Continued after DNF’ing it


This never happened to me – if I DNF a book, it’s because I really hated it. And I have better things to do with my time than try it again.
However, there have been books (that I finished) I decided to give a second chance to, because I felt like I was unfair to them. One of them is The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi, which I rated 3 stars the first time (I was in a reading slump) and 5 stars the second time.

Ghost: An Ending Twist You Predicted


Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. I saw it coming after the first chapter. It didn’t help that I had already seen that kind of ending two other times. I’m not going to say more – this is a suspense novel and I don’t want to spoil you. Maybe you’ll love it if you don’t already expect what’s going to happen.

Frankenstein: A Book That Truly Shocked You

The Red Threads of Fortune by JY Yang. How did I not see that coming? How? Usually novellas are predictable. Not this one, not for me. And it’s now my favorite novella, for many reasons. The main one is Sanao Mokoya, because she’s the best.
Also, Warcross by Marie Lu. Half of the ending: the most predictable thing ever. The other half: WTF.

Skeleton: A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone


Hexarch Nirai Kujen from Ninefox Gambit. The 900-year-old mad scientist who is not socially awkward in the least and just really loves fashion. And, uh, other things…

He was old, very old, and he liked people as long as they entertained him. If they stopped being entertaining, he didn’t hesitate to modify them so they became interesting again. It was not an accident that he was one of the best psych surgeons in the hexarcate.

We get a chapter from his PoV in the second book. It was difficult to read.

Ghouls: A Book that Left You Hungry


Literally hungry? The Wrath and the Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh. While I didn’t love the book (it was a 3.5 star read for me, more or less, and I think it’s overhyped) I have to say that it has the best food descriptions. Yes, it made me hungry at times.

Goblins: A Greedy Character


Kaz Brekker? Kaz Brekker. Part of his motivation is always “I want more money”, in some way. I mean, it’s Ketterdam. That’s how the city works.

Devil: A Dark, Evil Character


I struggled to find a book character that was dark, evil and interesting. I could find some who fit some of the criteria, but never all three of them. Nirai Kujen is evil and interesting but not “dark”, not necessarily (mad scientists are not that dark), Tea from The Bone Witch is dark and interesting but she’s more morally gray than evil, and then there are characters like Voldemort and Osaron from the Shades of Magic series who are dark, evil and as interesting as drying paint. So I don’t have an answer.

Grim Reaper: A Character You Love/Hated that Died


Not a spoiler: Shuos Jedao from the Machineries of Empire. He’s already dead at the start of the first book. He’s a many-eyed ghost now, and I love him. It totally counts. (And it was the only non-spoilery answer I could think of).

Scarecrow: A book or character that scares you


Since I already talked about the character that scares me, I’ll answer with the book that scared me the most. It’s Uprooted by Naomi Novik. For me, it was like reading horror.

I’m not tagging anyone because I never know if anyone wants to do this/has the time to do this? So… I’m breaking the rules, this time. But if you’re reading this and you want to do this tag, do it.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Book Tag

    1. I loved Uprooted. The Wrath and the Dawn, not so much – it’s mostly romance + purple prose. The prose is really pretty, but apart from the descriptions, there wasn’t anything outstanding. I didn’t find it good or bad, it was mostly average with some good moments.

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