T5W: Classes Based on Books

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Top 5 Wednesday is a goodreads group created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and now hosted by Sam (thoughtsontomes). This week’s topic is “Classes Based on Books”:

It’s back to school season, so let’s discuss some classes you’d like to take either based on books or based on characters’ skills. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO NOT USE HARRY POTTER, because that is too easy. You are supposed to make up your own classes. For example, you could use How to Dismantle a Dystopian Regime for The Hunger Games or Archery 101 with Katniss.

This sounds fun.

Post-Apocalyptic Biology


Borne by Jeff VanderMeer is the most colorful and weird post-apocalyptic book I’ve ever read. There are flounders with maps on their back, nautilus medicines, and Borne himself is a weird animal/plant hybrid. I’d really like to know how we got to this point.



This class is not as unusual as the previous one – maybe you could learn glasswork from other people aside from Iris, but no other teacher uses magical flower fractals as an inspiration. After all, Wicked Like a Wildfire is a book about beauty.

Music for Assassins


You don’t want to miss the chance to learn what could really be called “killer music”. Next time you meet a bad person, just pick up your violin and play, like August from Our Dark Duet does.

Comparative Anatomy of Alien Cephalopods


In The Stars Are Legion there are cephalopod ships whose veins are big enough to walk in, and I have many, many questions. I want to know how similar they are to the cephalopods we know.

Calendrical Warfare


I’d listen to Cheris (or any Nirai, really) talk about calendrical rot, corrosion gradients and scrambled vectors for hours. Or a Shuos, who would inevitably compare everything to some kind of game. I wouldn’t understand half of it, but that’s okay.

What classes based on books/book characters would you like to attend?

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